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Madison Wisconsin is recognized as one of the premier emerging biotechnology clusters in the United States. This portion of the BiotechProfiles™ website provides a comprehensive overview of this dynamic industry, its current companies and its rich history. If you’re looking for career opportunities, this site should be central to your search.

BiotechProfiles is the premier site for data on Biotechnology Companies in Madison Wisconsin; Biotechnology Jobs in Madison Wisconsin; High Technology Companies in Madison Wisconsin, High Technology Jobs in Madison Wisconsin, Medical Device Companies in Madison Wisconsin; Pharmaceutical Companies in Madison Wisconsin; Diagnostic Companies in Madison Wisconsin; Research Products Companies in Madison Wisconsin; Life Science Companies in Madison Wisconsin; Life Science Jobs in Madison Wisconsin; and Ag Biotech Companies in Madison Wisconsin

Biotechnology Companies in Madison; Biotechnology Jobs in Madison
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BiotechProfiles is the premier site for data on Madison Biotechnology Companies; Madison Biotechnology Jobs; Madison High Technology Companies, Madison High Technology Jobs, Madison Medical Device Companies; Madison Pharmaceutical Companies; Madison Diagnostic Companies; Madison Research Products Companies; Madison Life Science Companies; Madison Life Science Jobs; and Madison Ag Biotech Companies

Biotechnology and High Technology Companies in Madison Wisconsin;
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Madison Biotechnology Companies; Madison High Technology Companies

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Madison Biotechnology Jobs; Madison High Technology Jobs

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This directory profiles the companies in the Madison biotechnology and medical device industry. Select a company name to view its profile. You can alter the displayed order by clicking on the arrows.

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Company Name
Year Founded
Since 1988
Dianomi Therapeutics2017
Atrility Medical LLC2017
Calimetrix, LLC2016
Gregor Diagnostics Inc.2016
Opsis Therapeutics2016
Cellular Logistics, Inc.2016
Varigen Biosciences2016
Allergy Amulet, Inc.2016
Asto CT, LLC2015
Stem Pharm2015
OnLume, Inc.2015
Ab E Discovery LLC2015
JangoBio LLC2015
Pointcare Genomics Corp.2014
Elucent Medical, LLC2014
STELA Medical, LLC2014
Salus Discovery, LLC2013
Lynx Biosciences, LLC2013
Cellara LLC2013
NeuroSolis, Inc.2013
Capio Biosciences2013
bluDiagnostics LLC2012
Co-D Therapeutics, Inc.2012
Regenerative Medical Solutions, Inc.2012
Glucan Biorenewables LLC2012
Fast Forward Forensics LLC2012
Intuitive Biosciences, Inc.2012
Madison Vaccines Inc.2012
HealthMyne, Inc.2012
Pan Genome Systems, LLC2011
Rowheels, Inc.2011
Zurex PharmAgra, LLC2011
Invenra Inc.2011
NitricGen Inc.2011
GenCell Biosystems USA LLC2011
GoDx, Inc.2011
SHINE Medical Technologies2010
PFS Clinical2010
AmebaGone, Inc.2010
Proteovista LLC2010
Zurex Pharma, Inc.2010
PeptiMed Inc.2010
Propeller Health2010
CoMMet, LLC2009
PhylloTech, LLC2009
StableBody Technologies, LLC2009
ImBed Biosciences Inc.2009
AlgaXperts, LLC2009
ProactiCare LLC2008
LSNE-Madison, LLC2008
Mirus Bio LLC2008
Swallow Solutions LLC2008
Nexcyon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2008
Kikkoman USA R&D Laboratory, Inc.2008
Cellulose Sciences International2007
Xylome Corporation2007
FluGen Inc.2007
EchoMetrix, LLC2007
Flex Biomedical, Inc.2007
Perscitus Biosciences LLC2006
Pharming Healthcare Inc.2006
Stealth Therapeutics Inc.2006
C5-6 Technologies LLC2006
Cell Line Genetics LLC2006
Centrose, LLC2006
NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes, LLC2006
Stemina Biomarker Discovery Inc.2006
NeuroGenomeX, Inc.2006
AhR Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2005
Primorigen Biosciences, Inc.2005
Semba Biosciences, Inc.2005
Isomark LLC2005
BioSentinel Inc.2005
BBI Research Inc.2005
Phoenix, LLC2005
Medical Engineering Innovations, Inc.2005
BioInfoRx, Inc.2005
Medigen Biosciences LLC2004
Fujifilm Cellular Dynamics Inc.2004
Quincy Bioscience, LLC2004
NeuWave Medical Inc.2003
Anteco Pharma2003
SonoPlot, Inc.2003
Functional Biosciences, Inc.2003
Takara Bio USA2003
Spacelabs Healthcare, Inc.2003
NanoMedex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2002
Marvel Medtech, LLC2002
Alpha Universe LLC2002
Virent Energy Systems, Inc.2002
Alator Biosciences LLC2002
Scarab Genomics LLC2002
Agilent Technologies2002
Bellbrook Labs LLC2002
Cellectar Biosciences, Inc.2002
InvivoSciences LLC2001
Deltanoid Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2001
Helix Diagnostics, LLC2001
Atterx BioTherapeutics, Inc.2001
GeneTel Laboratories, LLC2001
ioGenetics LLC2000
LifeGen Technologies, LLC2000
Platypus Technologies, LLC2000
GWC Technologies, Inc.2000
Waisman BioManufacturing2000
Stratatech Corporation2000
Forte Research Systems, Inc.2000
WiCell Research Institute1999
Genome Technologies LLC1999
Roche Sequencing Solutions - Madison1999
NeoClone, LLC1999
Metabiologics, Inc.1999
Next Generation Clinical Research Consulting Inc.1999
Ikaria, Inc.1999
CAMECA Instruments, Inc.1998
Lucigen Corporation1998
Prism Computational Sciences, Inc.1998
Wicab, Inc.1998
Accuray Incorporated1997
nPoint, Inc.1997
Bruker AXS Inc.1997
Catalent Biologics - Madison1996
Exact Sciences Corporation1995
PharmaSeek LLC1995
Arrowhead Madison Inc.1995
Fugent LLC1995
Flownamics Analytical Instruments Inc.1995
Luminex Madison1994
United Vaccines, Inc.1992
Philips Radiation Oncology Systems1992
Genome International Corporation1992
Environmental Chemistry Consulting Services, Inc.1991
SAFC Pharma, Inc.1990
PIKE Technologies, Inc.1989
Standard Imaging, Inc.1989
Quantum Devices, Inc.1989