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Madison Wisconsin is recognized as one of the premier emerging biotechnology clusters in the United States. This portion of the BiotechProfiles™ website provides a comprehensive overview of this dynamic industry, its current companies and its rich history. If you’re looking for career opportunities, this site should be central to your search.

BiotechProfiles is the premier site for data on Biotechnology Companies in Madison Wisconsin; Biotechnology Jobs in Madison Wisconsin; High Technology Companies in Madison Wisconsin, High Technology Jobs in Madison Wisconsin, Medical Device Companies in Madison Wisconsin; Pharmaceutical Companies in Madison Wisconsin; Diagnostic Companies in Madison Wisconsin; Research Products Companies in Madison Wisconsin; Life Science Companies in Madison Wisconsin; Life Science Jobs in Madison Wisconsin; and Ag Biotech Companies in Madison Wisconsin

Biotechnology Companies in Madison; Biotechnology Jobs in Madison
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BiotechProfiles is the premier site for data on Madison Biotechnology Companies; Madison Biotechnology Jobs; Madison High Technology Companies, Madison High Technology Jobs, Madison Medical Device Companies; Madison Pharmaceutical Companies; Madison Diagnostic Companies; Madison Research Products Companies; Madison Life Science Companies; Madison Life Science Jobs; and Madison Ag Biotech Companies

Biotechnology and High Technology Companies in Madison Wisconsin;
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Madison Biotechnology Companies; Madison High Technology Companies

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Madison Biotechnology Jobs; Madison High Technology Jobs

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Major Biotech Companies
This directory profiles the companies in the Madison biotechnology and medical device industry. Select a company name to view its profile. You can alter the displayed order by clicking on the arrows.

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Company Name
Local Headcount
(Larger than 25)
Covance Laboratories Inc., Unit of LabCorp18601860
PPD - Pharmaceutical Product Development, Inc.15001500
Exact Sciences Corporation13001800
Promega Corporation9441500
GE Healthcare – Life Support Solutions575575
Thermo Fisher Scientific426426
Catalent Biologics - Madison300300
Accuray Incorporated2901000
DuPont Nutrition & Health - Danisco Cultures Plant270270
Coating Place Inc.214214
Scientific Protein Laboratories LLC214214
ABS Global, Inc.214400
Natus Neurology Inc.200400
Bruker AXS Inc.190510
Gilson, Inc.163450
SAFC Pharma, Inc.155155
Harlan Laboratories, Inc.150150
Fujifilm Cellular Dynamics Inc.143174
Cardiac Science Corporation129252
Genome International Corporation100100
Phoenix, LLC9191
Arrowhead Madison Inc.90110
SHINE Medical Technologies8585
Genencor International Wisconsin, Inc.8080
Roche Sequencing Solutions - Madison7979
Minitube of America, Inc.7979
Orbital Technologies Corporation7777
Epicentre Technologies Corp., an Illumina Company7272
Propeller Health70104
Stratatech Corporation7070
Lucigen Corporation7070
Forte Research Systems, Inc.6969
Standard Imaging, Inc.6868
Luminex Madison6161
Philips Radiation Oncology Systems5757
United Vaccines, Inc.5252
CAMECA Instruments, Inc.5070
NeuWave Medical Inc.50110
NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes, LLC50150
Pfizer Global Supply4949
Quincy Bioscience, LLC4747
Quantum Devices, Inc.4545
Virent Energy Systems, Inc.3636
PIKE Technologies, Inc.3535
DNASTAR Inc.3537
Ikaria, Inc.2828
LSNE-Madison, LLC2525
PFS Clinical2525
Cellectar Biosciences, Inc.2525
PharmaSeek LLC2525
Deibel Laboratories Inc.25100