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BiotechProfiles is the premier site for data on Madison Biotechnology Companies; Madison Biotechnology Jobs; Madison High Technology Companies, Madison High Technology Jobs, Madison Medical Device Companies; Madison Pharmaceutical Companies; Madison Diagnostic Companies; Madison Research Products Companies; Madison Life Science Companies; Madison Life Science Jobs; and Madison Ag Biotech Companies

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Company Updates Varigen Biosciences, a metagenomics startup company founded by David Mead, PhD and Mark Liles PhD, has been added to the database. (May2016)
Neuwave medical
announced that it would be acquired by the Ethicon unit of Johnson and Johnson.  The transaction is expected to close in Q2 2016. (Mar2016) 
announced its intention to close its Middleton based Agracetus plant genetics research site in early 2016, transferring the programs and half of the 40 local positions to St. Louis. (Oct2015)  
Stratatech Corporation
announced that it received a U.S. government contract valued at up to $247 million to support the development and commercialization of its flapship product, StrataGraft skin tissue, a therapy for severe burns that replaces the need for skin transplantation. (Oct2015)
, a unit of Parker Hannifin, has announced it will close its Madison operations and consolidate operations into other units. (Jul2015)
, winner of the 2015 Wisconsin Governor's Business Plan contest, has been added to the database.  The company is developing a diagnostic device for infertility. (Jun2015)
has announced its intent to close its Madison vaccine R&D site as part of an company-wide reorganization intended to consolidate all vaccine R&D in Boston.  Actual consolidation will occur over a two year period. (Jun2015)
Ikaria Holdings,
a Seattle based company with a Madison medical device business unit, has been acquired by Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. (Apr2015)
Xylome Corporation
, an early stage company developing biofuels technologies, recently established an office in the MG&E Innovation Center,and has been added to the database. (Apr2015)
Cellular Dynamics International
was acquired by Fujifilm Holdings of Japan for $307 million.  They will continue to operate the company in Madison as a wholly owned subsidiary as part of their regenerative medicine portfolio. (May2015)
Innotech Materials, LLC
, a start-up company pursuing biomass conversion technologies, has been added to the database. (Mar2015)
AmebaGone Inc.,
has been added to the database.  Founded by Dr. Marcin Filutowicz, the firm is developing a natural approach to overcome antibiotic resistance.  (Mar2015)
changed its name to Atterx Biotherapeutics Inc. (Dec2014)
Neurosolis, Inc.
, a startup developing therapeutics for CNS disorders, has been added to the database. (Nov2014)
Hologic - Third Wave technologies
has closed its Madison operations, as planned. (Sep 2014)  becton Dickinson earlier in 2014 closed its Madison operations as well.
has acquired the former Mentor fill-finish facility and will initiate contract manufacturing services for sterile injectable products by early 2015.  It anticipates eventually employing over 100 professionals. (Aug2014)
POintcare genomics corp.
, a startup developing a point-of-care diagnostic test for cardiac ischemia, has been added to the database (July2014).
was acquired by Sun Nuclear Corporation (July2014)
Elucent Medical
, a medical device startup developing a diagnostic device for use in breast cancer surgery and winner of the 2014 Wisconsin Governor's Business Plan Contest, has been added to the database.
, a startup company developing medical imaging technology, has been added to the database.
Novelos Therapeutics
 was renamed Cellectar Biosciences, Inc. in Feb 2014.
Scientific protein labs
agreed in Dec 2013 to be acquired by Shenzhen Hepalink Pharmaceutical Company for $337 million.  Hepalink is a leading manufacturer of heparin based in China.
Prairie Technologies, Inc.
was acquired by Bruker Corporation in Sep 2013.  The company, which had $11 million in 2012 revenue, will continue to operate as a subsidiary of Bruker's Nano Surfaces Division.
GenCell Biosystems Ltd.,
an Irish medical device company, has opened an office in the University Research Park.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
announced in Sep 2013 that they would close their 36 person TREk Diagnostics plant in Sun Prairie by Feb 2014.
Madison VAccines Incorporated
, a biopharmaceutical company founded in 2012 that is developing cancer immunotherapeutics, has been added to the database.
Rowheels iNc.
, a medical device company developing a new ergonomically designed wheel chair, has been added to the database.
Co-d therapeutics, inc.
, a nano-medicine company founded in 2012 that is developing cancer therapeutics, has been added to the database.
Illumavista Biosciences LLC
changed its name in September 2013 to Proteovista LLc
changed its corporate name and brand to Propeller health in September 2013
NitricGen Inc.
, one of the 2013 winners of the Governor's Business Plan Contest, has been added to our database.  Founded in 2011 by former Ikaria employees, the firm is developing a portable device that produces nitric oxide to treat chronic foot ulcers. 
DSM - kensey nash
closed its Madison operation at the end of June 2013 in order to consolidate research at an East Coast location.  Originally founded as Nerites, the company was acquired by Kensey Nash in 2011, which in turn was purchased by Royal DSM in 2012. 
Tasso Inc.
is a new Madison company focused on developing at-home diagnostic products.
is a Madison startup company founded by Eric Romming, a UW-Madison student.  He is developing ReHand, a high-performance prosthetic that can replicate a patient’s lost hand using 3D printing technology.
OpGen TEchnologies Inc.
closed its remaining Madison offices in May 2013 in order to focus all of its energies at its East Coast headquarters.
Inviragen Inc.
, a Colorado based vaccine company with a research site in Madison, was purchased by Takeda Pharmaceuticals of Japan in May 2013.  Takeda will pay $35 million up front and up to $215 million in milestones.
Cellara LLC
is a newly formed lab equipment company focused on semi-automating cell culture processes.  The company is led by Reidar Aamotsbakken and Kevin Conard.

Companies on the MoveSemba Biosciences
has relocated within the University Research Park from the MG&E Innovation Center to 601 Science Drive. (Jun 2015)
Takeda Vaccines
(fka Inviragen) has relocated within Madison from Odana Road to the University Research Park at 504 S. Rosa Road.
Tasso Inc.
has moved to 110 E. Main Street (Aug 2014)
nexcyon pharmaceuticals
has relocated its headquarters to West Washington Ave Madison (Mar 2014)
Centrose LLC
relocated from 902 to 918 Deming Way, Madison (Mar 2014)
Quintessence Biosciences
relocated from the University Research Park to 3300 Commercial Avenue, Madison (Jan 2014)