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What Makes This Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Company Directory Unique?

Designed for Worldwide Pharmaceutical Business Development & Licensing

This directory is optimized for the partnering and licensing needs of business development executives and CEO’s in small to mid-size biotech companies who want to find a partner for their drug discovery, delivery or pharmaceutical technologies. Its goal is to identify all companies worldwide who might need your technology and facilitate your access to their business development department and experts. Wherever possible we include specific business development contact information, and update it regularly.
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Companies are pre-qualified

The site endeavors to list all target pharmaceutical companies having sufficient resources to give you cash in your deal. Drawing upon the founder's 25 years of bus dev experience, a reliable rule of thumb suggests that companies with >$200 million in annual revenue or >500 employees are the organizations that are net in-licensors or acquirers of technology. Prior to reaching those thresholds, companies are typically sellers of technology, are seeking partners and cash, or if they acquire technology can only offer their stock as compensation.   « Previous | Next »

Ironically, competing sites often promote their size as an advantage (e.g. “we have over 10,000 pharma and biotech companies listed”). They include all sectors (pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical devices, manufacturers, etc.) and all sizes from the startup to major pharma. But in reality that’s their greatest shortcoming, forcing you to invest an exhaustive amount of time to manually sort through all the parties to determine who is a legitimate prospect active in your desired therapeutic space.
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Global coverage, both private & public companies profiled

Our database includes pharmaceutical companies from all regions of the world that make their information available in English. Both private and public companies are profiled. Many competitors ignore the private sector, which is 20% of the target companies. Others make users purchase multiple, expensive reports on a region-by-region basis to gain global coverage.
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Custom searches on unique criteria

Other sites simply list total revenues. BiotechProfiles lists each company’s revenue by major category (pharma, vaccines, plasma/blood products, etc.), identifies therapeutic focus (dermatology, cancer, etc), geographic headquarters, and more. This allows users to search and select companies with specific profiles. For example, if a USA company wishes to find a European partner for a dermatology product, one can instantly generate a list of prospects meeting that criteria, along with business development contact information.
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Databases are continually updated throughout the year as data becomes available.

We facilitate your background preparation so that you can focus on contacting qualified prospects and getting the next deal done!
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