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Company Profile

Platypus Technologies, LLC develops, produces and markets nanotechnologies for the life sciences. The Company is developing a range of products that derive from a proprietary platform technology utilizing liquid crystals for the rapid detection of molecular interactions, and produces a variety of nano-structured surfaces for use in research. This technology fuses recent advances in nano-scale science, materials science and molecular biology to provide advanced tools for proteomics, cell studies, environmental monitoring and in vitro diagnostics. Playtpus currently markets Oris™ Cell Migration Assays and other research tools.

Business Sectors
Pharmaceuticals   Human Diagnostics  
Med or Lab Devices Lab Reagents or Services
Drug Manufacturing   Food & Agribusiness  
CRO   Bioinformatics or Software  
Company History
Platypus Technologies was founded by Dr. Nicholas Abbott, Dr. Barbara Israel and Dr. Christopher Murphy in April 2000, with the goal of becoming a leader in the analytic and life sciences arena by combining nano-scale materials science with liquid crystal technology.

LEADERSHIP ROLL: Barb Israel PhD 2000-2007; Jeff Williams PhD 2007-2008; Richard Schifreen PhD 2008-2011; Tim Burland PhD 2013-present
Platypus Technologies, LLC
Address 5520 Nobel Drive, Suite 100
[Map] Madison
Phone 608-237-1270
Fax 608-237-1271
Website Link
Head Timothy G. Burland, PhD
Company Statistics
Global Headcount 11
Local Headcount 11
Year Founded 2000
Ownership Private
Stock Exchange

Parent Company
Divisional Level
Senior Level
Global Headcount
Stock Exchange
Reference Documents
2005 - Platypus Technologies Makes Toxin Detectors [View]
Selected Press Releases
2009 - Oris Pro Cell Migration Assay Launched [View]
2009 - Platypus Names New Board Members [View]