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BiotechProfiles™ is the premier resource for jobs, company information, professional networking and productivity tools in the Madison, Wisconsin biotechnology and medical device industry. Recognized as one of the premier emerging biotechnology clusters in the U.S., this robust industry sector comprises nearly 10,000 employees in approximately 150 companies. BiotechProfiles also maintains a unique directory of the largest 250 pharmaceutical companies worldwide, including business development contacts whenever available. This tool is indispensable for executives pursuing strategic alliances and technology licenses.
Designed as a suite of easy to use, searchable databases that are continually updated, BiotechProfiles serves the needs of biotech business development and operational executives in early stage companies, as well as the general public. With these tools you can quickly bypass the data collection and screening stage and immediately focus on solving your strategic partnering or operational needs. We've assembled your background data for you!
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BiotechProfiles is also the premier site for data on Biotechnology Companies in Madison Wisconsin, Biotechnology Jobs in Madison Wisconsin

Biotechnology Companies in Madison Wisconsin; Biotechnology Jobs in Madison Wisconsin
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Biotechnology Business Development, Partnering and Strategic Alliances

Biotechnology Business Development, Partnering and Strategic Alliances
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Madison Biotechnology Companies; Madison Biotechnology Jobs

Madison Biotechnology Companies; Madison Biotechnology Jobs
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List or rank of Largest Pharmaceutical Companies Worldwide

List of rank of Largest Pharmaceutical Companies Worldwide
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Company Profile

PharmaSeek is an Investigative Site Network that partners with Sponsor and CROs to identify research sites for Phase I-IV clinical trials. The Company’s goal is to put quality clinical studies together with experienced, high performing research sites. PharmaSeek expedites the study start-up phase by streamlining the site selection process and critical document control. This includes supplying a list of pre-qualified sites, and assisting with study administration and start-up, including budgeting, contracting and regulatory submissions. Once the site is initiated, we assist with patient recruitment and track timely, accurate payment for the services provided by our investigative sites. The company maintains a network of 250 sites (1300+ PIs) in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the Caribbean. Because PharmaSeek represents so many sites, it has access to PIs with specialties and experience in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

PharmaSeek does not charge any fees to Sponsors, CROs, or Investigative Sites for its services. Revenue is instead generated as a margin of the site's per patient budget. Therefore, PharmaSeek has a vested interest in presenting investigative sites that will enroll and perform well.

See also related entities PharmaSeek Financial Services and PatientWise.
Business Sectors
Pharmaceuticals   Human Diagnostics  
Med or Lab Devices   Lab Reagents or Services  
Drug Manufacturing   Food & Agribusiness  
CRO Bioinformatics or Software  
Company History
PharmaSeek LLC
Address 8040 Excelsior Drive, Suite 300
[Map] Madison
Phone 608-664-9000 ext.2222
Fax 608-662-4176
Website Link
Head Lisa Marks, Director Bus. Dev.
Company Statistics
Global Headcount 25
Local Headcount 25
Year Founded 1995
Ownership Private
Stock Exchange

Parent Company
Divisional Level
Senior Level
Global Headcount
Stock Exchange
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