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Company Profile

Pfizer Global Supply - Middleton (formerly King Pharmaceuticals or GenTrac) has a 33,000 square foot Middleton cGMP manufacturing plant produces pharmaceuticals and hemostasis products for the medical industry. Its main product is Thrombinar, a natural thrombin pharmaceutical product. This hemostatic agent, which is derived from bovine blood, is used to control bleeding in patients.

(Note: Pfizer has no dedicated website for its Madison production facility.)

Business Sectors
Pharmaceuticals Human Diagnostics  
Med or Lab Devices   Lab Reagents or Services  
Drug Manufacturing Food & Agribusiness  
CRO   Bioinformatics or Software  
Company History
GenTrac was founded by Scott Paul, John Townley, and Dr. J. Foster Irwin to commercialize plasma derived products. The company operated independently until 1991, when it was acquired by Jones Pharma Inc. Jones was acquired by King Pharmaceuticals in August 2000. In 2007 King dropped the GenTrac name and operated as King Pharma. In February 2011, Pfizer Inc. acquired King. The local operations now operate as a unit of Pfizer Global Supply.
Pfizer Global Supply
Address 2232 Pleasant View Road
[Map] Middleton
Phone 608-836-3500
Fax 608-836-1268
Head Dan Pawlak
Company Statistics
Global Headcount 49
Local Headcount 49
Year Founded 1982
Ownership Subsidiary
Stock Exchange

Parent Company
Divisional Level
Senior Level Pfizer Inc. [NY]
Global Headcount
Website Link
Stock Exchange NYSE
Reference Documents
1996 - GenTrac History and Products [View]