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Biotechnology Business Development, Partnering and Strategic Alliances

Biotechnology Business Development, Partnering and Strategic Alliances
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Madison Biotechnology Companies; Madison Biotechnology Jobs
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List or rank of Largest Pharmaceutical Companies Worldwide

List of rank of Largest Pharmaceutical Companies Worldwide
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Company Profile

The mission of CELLSCRIPT™ is to provide the best technologies and products for translation of RNA in cells for clinical research and therapeutics.
CELLSCRIPT’s products include INCOGNITO™ RNA Transcription Kits for in vitro synthesis of RNA that contains modified nucleosides, such as pseudouridine (?) and/or 5-methylcytidine (5mC) in place of the corresponding U or C canonical nucleosides. These kits are so-named because the capped, polyadenylated and nucleoside-modified RNA products (called “INCOGNITO™ mRNAs”) do not induce innate immune responses to the same extent as the corresponding unmodified mRNAs when transfected into mammalian cells that express a variety of RNA sensors.
Professors Katalin Karikó, Drew Weissman and colleagues (e.g., Anderson B et al., Nucleic Acids Res, 38, 5884-5892, 2010), showed that ?- and/or 5mC-modified mRNA, besides being less immunogenic, was translated into protein in mammalian cells at much higher levels than the corresponding mRNA that did not contain modified nucleosides. Repeated transfection of somatic cells, such as fibroblasts and keratinocytes, with INCOGNITO-type ?- and 5mC-modified mRNA encoding KLF4, LIN28, cMYC, OCT4 and SOX2 resulted in efficient generation of induced pluripotent stem cells (e.g., Warren L et al., Cell Stem Cell, 7, 549–550, 2010).
The delivery of protein-encoding INCOGNITO mRNA to cells in culture or in vivo to an organism has the potential to produce a therapeutic effect by compensating for a missing or defective protein, overexpressing a desired protein, inducing a change in cellular phenotype, or triggering a disease-specific immune response.
Business Sectors
Pharmaceuticals Human Diagnostics  
Med or Lab Devices   Lab Reagents or Services
Drug Manufacturing   Food & Agribusiness  
CRO   Bioinformatics or Software  
Company History
Address 726 Post Road
[Map] Madison
Phone 608-442-6484
Website Link
Head Gary Dahl, PhD
Company Statistics
Global Headcount 14
Local Headcount 14
Year Founded 2010
Ownership Private
Stock Exchange

Parent Company
Divisional Level
Senior Level
Global Headcount
Stock Exchange
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