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Company Profile

C5•6 Technologies is creating technology and discovering biomolecules to convert agricultural and forestry feedstocks to five and six carbon sugars for processing into biofuels. This development process now focused on biofuels began in 1998, however, with the development of a series of genomic tools. C5•6 Technologies is a spin-out from the Lucigen Corporation; it was Lucigen that developed a series of unique cloning tools. These tools allow the production of enzymes from toxic and unstable genetic material previously considered to be unclonable. The company has mined the genomes of rare microbes from extreme environments in order to develop novel, high-temperature enzymes that work within the conditions of the dry-mill ethanol process environment.
Business Sectors
Pharmaceuticals   Human Diagnostics  
Med or Lab Devices   Lab Reagents or Services  
Drug Manufacturing   Food & Agribusiness
CRO   Bioinformatics or Software  
Company History
C5-6 Technologies was spun out of Lucigen Corporation in 2006.
C5-6 Technologies LLC
Address 5627 Old Oak Drive
[Map] Fitchburg
Phone 608-276-6808
Website Link
Head Phillip Brumm, PhD
Company Statistics
Global Headcount 3
Local Headcount 3
Year Founded 2006
Ownership Private
Stock Exchange

Parent Company
Divisional Level
Senior Level
Global Headcount
Stock Exchange
Reference Documents
2006 - Lucigen Creates Biofuels Firm [View]